CSS animations

Author: SamMorgan Date: 22.08.2017

CSS animations are relatively new, but they're already having a huge impact on web design in general. Many people are now debating the merits of these new animations compared with the older script-driven animation techniques.

One of the biggest overall trends in webpage design is the simple fact that it is getting easier and easier for people to do it all themselves without a great deal of technical knowledge. This just wasn't the case twenty years ago. People had to know a lot about webpage design in order to create webpages of their own.

Why website templates are worth it?

Author: Tim Gaf Date: 10.22.2018

There is absolutely room for both in this vast universe we call the web, and both options have its strengths and weakness. The bottom line is cost. Do you have a few grand to spend on a website? If you don't, a quality template will probably be your best bet. For approximately $100, you can purchase a very nice template and spend the rest on marketing and promotion. With the vast amount of money you will be saving, you can hire somebody to modify your template the way you want it for perhaps $300. I don't believe in cheap recycled templates, but I do recommend looking into high quality templates that can present you the way you should be presented. You truly have one shot to make a great impression, don't ruin it with a cheap overproduced template.

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