CSS animations

Author: SamMorgan
Date: 22.08.2017

CSS animations are relatively new, but they're already having a huge impact on web design in general. Many people are now debating the merits of these new animations compared with the older script-driven animation techniques.

One of the biggest overall trends in webpage design is the simple fact that it is getting easier and easier for people to do it all themselves without a great deal of technical knowledge. This just wasn't the case twenty years ago. People had to know a lot about webpage design in order to create webpages of their own. The best website builders were not around then. People usually could not even create the most basic websites and blogs on their own. This has completely changed today.

Of course, a lot of people don't just want to create blogs and websites that look basic. The fact that everyone can do them means that they are not going to be impressive in their own right at this point in webpage history. Animations in general can make a lot of different websites that much more exciting. However, in the past, people would need to have a solid background in JavaScript in order to create them.

Thanks to CSS style animations, this is no longer the case. As long as people just have simple animations in mind, they can make use of CSS style animations relatively easily and they won't need to know anything about JavaScript. People who do know a lot about JavaScript know that it's still difficult to actually do anything with animation in JavaScript anyway, so a knowledge of JavaScript is not necessarily going to help people a lot in this way.

One of the defining traits of CSS style animations is that they run more efficiently and effectively than most of the other animations that people will use under the same circumstances. The performance of these animations will continue in a much smoother manner than a lot of people would expect, especially if they have done a lot of work like this in webpage design in the past.

With CSS style animations, it gets even easier for the people who want to be able to make the animation sequences perform as well as possible, because they can allow the browser to control that animation sequence. Updates won't happen all the time and the system will not be as stressed as it usually would be under the same circumstances, making everything that much easier for everyone involved.

Obviously, putting a CSS style animation sequence together is still going to work for the people who are trying to create the best possible webpages. They still need to have a clear idea of what they want and they need to have an understanding of how the CSS style animations work in their own right. However, this is much easier for most people to learn than JavaScript, and that should already be enough of an incentive for many people interested in more independent webpage design. The CSS style animations are going to change everything.

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